Mindstein Montessori is a preschool with a great spirit. We are committed to nurturing and educating the ‘Whole Child’ in an environment that is free of pressure or competition. Our program is enriched with a holistic and well-rounded Montessori curriculum.

Established in 2012 on Linking Road, Khar west, we have since been involved with Montessori education and child development related activities, helping kids become confident, happy, calm, purposeful and independent.

Accredited Montessori Teachers at Mindstein Montessori use a comprehensive range of Montessori materials and Montessori teaching methods in the classroom and make learning enjoyable for children.

We practice the Montessori Method of education based on the Dr. Maria Montessori educational philosophy.

We recognize the need to educate the whole-child. The Montessori curriculum hence also focuses on creativity, visual arts, environmental/ecological projects, physical movement, children’s yoga, well-planned outings and a lot more.